To Our Faithful Customers

Thank you for giving us your trust and your business these past 20 plus years. It has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life to be of service to you. It is with great sadness that I tell you SQG Specialists will close it's doors July 31, 2019. Business has been declining and costs keep rising. Now, we have no choice but to close the business and go find paying jobs when the building lease expires.

SQG Specialists will conduct business as usual through May 2019. (When our semi returns from it's final trip to California.) No chemistry will be accepted after that.

The bulk of you in California will need to make some decisions. Further down this page is one of my famously long writings...trying to give you the ability to make fully informed decisions.

Those of you who are not in California or are using CTGA's Correct Solve brand plate washout (also sold by MacDermid as SolvitM100) can legally ship your spent chemistry to your new recycler via common carrier. We do appreciate your continued business through help cover overhead and hopefully, the remaining company debt.

Engov Midwest, Inc. in Bridgton, MO. is the recycler that I trust most to take care of you the way I would. They agreed to give you pricing designed to keep your costs from increasing, even with transport costs. They do not stock chemistry. No other recyclers do. They all recycle, top off, then return to you. There are other recyclers you can contact, but Engov has my recommendation. You will need to keep more inventory on your floor so you have enough to work with while your recycling is getting done.

To help you make it through until you can implement whatever changes you may choose:

SQG Specialists will be liquidating it's inventory of chemistry in June after reclaiming the chemistry arriving in May. If you choose to stock up on chemistry to carry you through any change in process or procedures at your site, please let me know right away. Quantities will be limited. Customers with a history of payments within our terms of credit will receive priority considerations.

I will dearly miss getting to work with most of you. I feel like I'm letting my friends down. Helping is all I've ever really cared about. Thank you for letting me do that for so long!

With deepest gratitude,

Marian LaBounty
February 2019


I am beginning to feel like a fool for following applicable State laws all of these years. I've learned that DuPont's pick-up program for their FAST waste (take up rolls) has been operating for over 20 years without addressing State Hazardous Waste regulations. That gunk tests as more hazardous than any brand of plate washout solvent I've ever encountered. Yet, DuPont customers in CA and WA have been participating in the program all of this time without even one customer ever getting cited or fined by either State. DuPont told me they would fix that back in 2010 when I sent them a copy of the lab report proving Haz Waste and explained the facts. Now, I know they didn't. (And, yes, I am very angry about that!) In 1994, CA's DTSC fined a customer $10,000 for one shipment that wasn't properly manifested and transported. That was the first anyone had a clue these solvents might be regulated as Hazardous Waste on a State level ...and the beginning of my education in environmental rules and laws.

I was determined to make sure no customer was ever cited again. So, we followed every rule and used any loop-holes I could find to make it cheaper or easier to obey the law! You must decide for yourself whether you want to pay the price to obey State laws that may or may not be enforced or risk huge citations that may never happen. I've never been willing to put anyone at that risk to do business with SQG Specialists. (Still stand by that, too.)

WA: Currently, all of our recycling customers in Washington generate less than 200 pounds per month of spent chemistry, making them exempt under WAC 173-303. You can ship your spent solvent on a Bill of Lading via whatever carrier Engov suggests without fear of matter which brand you use.

CA: There is one formula of plate washout solution that does not fail fish bioassay testing, thus is not regulated as HW in CA (or WA) and can be shipped via Common Carrier without fear of citation. MacDermid sells it as Solvit M100. Correct Touch Graphic Arts (CTGA) sells it as Correct Solve. CTGA has lower prices, so we buy Correct Solve.If you decide to manage your chemistry strictly within State law, you'll want/need to begin using that formula chemistry if you aren't already using it. Check with Jayme (pronounced Jamie) at Engov. He may have customers in other states that could use the brand you have now and be able to help you sell some or all of your unwanted chemistry. (AV Solve II+ see next page) Now, if are going for complete compliance, you might be concerned about how to get your dirty Cylosol or HPS, or NUS (aka National XP) to the recycler or the buyer legally.

Can't ship HazWaste without a manifest and a registered transporter. Have that covered. It is only waste if it cannot be used again for it's original purpose without distillation. Well, the fact is, you have proof that your spent chemistry has only 7-12% photopolymer load in it. It can still be used again for it's original purpose. The quality will degrade the more it is used, but it works. I've seen chemistry used so much it looked more like pudding than solvent upon arrival. So, you can attest without lying that you legally shipped partially-used chemistry via Common Carrier to Engov for "quality control" before it goes on to the buyer. Or, you can ship straight to the buyer if they have their own still. Between selling it even for a dollar and still usable, there can be no dispute that it is not waste, thus not hazardous waste.If you decide to stick with Cylosol, HPS, AVSolve, or NUS brand and ship to recycler via Common Carrier, that is your choice. Engov can and will recycle and return those brands for you. There is not a recycler in this country that is subject to CA State laws. Even SQG Specialists isn't. We've followed CA laws so you could meet the transportation requirements of Title 22 regarding Hazardous Waste. It's the reason SQG Specialists even came to be.AV SOLVE II+ USERS: I'm not sure what to advise you. A&V owns all of this chemistry. We do not. As far as I can tell, you each have different "arrangements" with A&V. Some contractual. Some not. You will have to talk to them. All I know is that Larry Dingman wants to shut down the recycling program anyway.

EVERYONE:Of course, there are new technologies and new systems on the market. You might decide now is a good time to look into them. Be sure to ask very pointed questions about the waste generated by those systems. Ask them to document whether the waste is considered Hazardous or not under your State laws. Every business in the USA is required under State & Federal law to know whether the waste they send off is Hazardous or not. Failing to have documentation of "waste designation" is the single most common environmental citation in the country. Make them prove their system cradle to grave before you take the Cradle to Grave liability onto yourself.

Another option you may consider is purchasing a distillation unit yourself. With two exceptions (with whom I have already spoken), none of you generate enough volume to warrant buying a vacuum assisted distillation unit. To the best of my knowledge, there is no vacuum distillation unit on the market designed for small batches. There are small stills being marketed to Flexo converters, but none I've seen have the vacuum function necessary to reclaim these "high boiler" blends of chemistry. They reclaim about 50% of the liquid, leaving a large percentage of what once was a blend of several chemicals in the still bottom drum for disposal. You would be paying about $200 per drum to dispose of 40% of your chemistry and buying virgin chemistry to replace it. That, on top of the cost of unit, electricity, and man-power. It just doesn't pay. (If it did, SQG Specialists would never have been needed.) Besides, I know one guy that tried it twice and twice burnt his place down. Again, it's your decision, but I sure do not advise a still without vacuum assist.

Contact info for Engov and CTGA

Engov Midwest, Inc.: Engov PH: 314-209-1099
Correct-Touch Graphic Arts PH:

I hope these facts are helpful.

Marian LaBounty, President
SQG Specialists Inc.
February 2019

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