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Waste Recycling of Flexographic Plate Washout Solutions

Flexographic plate wash solutions can readily be reclaimed for re-use by distilling the material under vacuum pressure, often with the addition of one chemical component or another to bring the blend back into manufacturer specifications. Whether you go through one drum of plate wash in 4 years or 4 drums in one day, your business can save a substantial sum of money by recycling and re-using your plate wash versus disposing of the used and buying virgin replacement chemistry.

SQG Specialists provides distillation services, a solvent exchange program, waste disposal services, and distillation equipment maintenance and repair services. We specialize in serving the needs of the Flexographic industry. Common industrial solvents are NOT accepted or processed in our equipment, eliminating the risk of cross contamination that can occur when serving multiple industries.

SQG Specialists is the only Flexo recycler located in the Western USA. The lowest costs, the highest quality and quantity reclaimed plate wash, and adherence to local State regulations make SQG Specialists the leading provider of Flexo recycling and related services in the region. Average reclamation rate is 90%. Individual results may be slightly higher or lower due to brand used, plate size, plate exposure, and/or replenishment rate decided upon by the consumer.

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