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SQG Specialists Inc. was established in 1998 to recycle Flexographic plate wash solvents. To assure quality control of recycled products, company policy does not allow the introduction of new waste streams without the acquisition of sufficient equipment to prevent cross contamination. Chlorinated solvents are not accepted. The company is operated primarily by two of the three shareholders.


Marian LaBounty President, began her career in solvent recycling and environmental compliance in 1993. During five years as General Manager of an interim status TSDR, Marian developed database tracking systems and operational programs. Her responsibilities included customer service, sales, bookkeeping, environmental consulting, and Emergency Response. Marian spent the previous 15 years working for a commercial warehouse and transportation company, responsible for compliance with ATF regulations, inventory control, customer services, freight rating, dispatch, and traffic control.

Curt Kruckeberg Vice President, is an accomplished carpenter who, after 20 years in construction, turned his talents to the waste industry. As half-owner of R.C. Enterprises, Curt operated a vacuum truck, cleaning oil-water separators, sumps, and catch basins. In 1997 a local TSDR hired him as Yard Supervisor and Safety Officer. His responsibilities included identification, inspection, and segregation of automotive and hazardous wastes accepted for storage. During that time Curt gained experience in operating and maintaining distillation equipment. Curt works closely with chemical manufacturers such as MacDermid , DuPont, and NuPro Technologies as well as equipment engineers to maximize the volume and purity of reclaimed solvents.

Jan Noller Secretary, is a successful businessman who is half owner of a respected prepress business in Southern California and who holds interest in several small businesses, one of which is a printer. His experiences enable SQG Specialists Inc. to anticipate and respond effectively to consumer needs.

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