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SQG Specialists is manufacturer certified to recycle/reclaim all brands of Flexographic Plate Washout blends used on the West Coast, USA and works closely with those manufacturers to ensure that our recycled plate wash meets their original specifications.

We guarantee that our recycled plate wash meets the original manufacturers' quality standards.

Our solvent exchange program is flexible, complies with the Federal regulations governing the transport of chemicals, and also the more restrictive environmental regulations of both California and Washington.

To ensure that our customers receive the best service and the lowest rates possible, we are happy to provide all shipping documents and transportation arrangements. We always provide the manifest, labels, and our own truck for transporting materials that designate Hazardous under State laws.

CA & WA businesses take note:

Flexographic plate makers in California and Washington need to be aware that most brands of plate wash designate as Hazardous Waste under Title 22 of the California Health & Safety Code and under Washington Administrative Code 173-303.

The distinction between regulated plate wash and non-regulated plate wash has no bearing on our service rates. We merely recognize the need to operate in a manner that ensures customers in CA and WA can and do comply with State laws applicable to their business.

SQG Specialists is the only plate wash recycler in the country that is licensed, insured, and registered to transport every brand of plate wash in compliance with CA and WA State regulations. California Permits

Links to CA and WA government sites and publications on this topic are provided at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

Need to be labeled and shipped as hazardous waste in CA and WA, regardless of destination.

All the below SDS and Waste Profile sheets are in PDF format.

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These brands of platewash are not considered Hazardous Waste under California or Washington State laws after use. No special documents or governmental tracking/reporting required.

CA. DTSC's Application for CA ID number:

CA Basic Business Requirements relating to all industrial wastes:

WA - Basic Business Requirements relating to industrial wastes:

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