Recycling is a national priority, saves money, and is a long proven benefit to the Flexographic industry. Properly distilled and re-blended, recycled plate wash is as reliable as virgin product.

Service is our top priority. A good service company should enhance productivity and profit for its customers. Our operation is tailored to reduce time, effort, and stress for our customers.

Same Day Service: OR & CA only Our truck comes to your door and trades, drum for drum, clean plate wash for spent. We are IN California on the 2nd Monday of every month. Oregon customer orders are coordinated on an as-needed basis.

Common Carrier Service: WA, AZ, ID, NV, UT, CO Common Carriers such as FedEx Freight or Peninsula Truck Lines are utilized. (Fresh solvent can be shipped well in advance to customers in good standing in the event of an inventory crisis!).

Recycle & Return: Spent plate wash is distilled, re-blended, and topped off for return.

Value is achieved by reclaiming every drop possible. Solid still bottoms are the proof.

Transportation arrangements are part of the service whether our truck handles the job or one of our contracted carriers does the hauling. Charges are based on common carrier tariff less the negotiated discount ranging 65 to 73%.

Waste Disposal Services are available for disposal of waste streams (inks, varnish, etc.) that do not lend themselves to distillation.Environmental Issues are taken seriously. Regulations can be confusing and vary from state to state. Knowing your state's regulations enable us to assist your compliance. SQG Specialists Inc. is registered with DTSC as a Hazardous Waste Transporter in California where most used plate wash brands are regulated as "State Only" Hazardous Waste. NuTre Clean brands do NOT designate as Hazardous Waste under California Title 22.

Distillation Equipment maintenance and repair as well as back-up recycling service is available to those who operate their own distillation equipment to recycle plate wash. Call us if you are having a problem with your still, need yearly maintenance, or simply need a batch of plate wash recycled because your still is down or your volumes exceed your distillation capacity during busy times. We have experience repairing and installing PRI, IHS, SRS, and Siva brand stills.

Yearly Activity Statements are provided at no extra charge. Use them for cost analysis or reporting to state environmental agencies.

We Guarantee that our recycled plate wash meets the original manufacturers' quality standards.

Committed to providing exemplary service and value!!

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